Game Server Reseller Program

We have created the GSRP to have partners and their clients make money from servers. Unlike traditional reseller programs and affiliate programs found in hosting:

  • There is NO monthly costs
  • There is NO maintenance to do
  • YOU set the price
  • NO Minimum limit

For every server you buy, we give you 100% ownership of the server to sell. Once sold, we will pay you 50% of what the server was sold for to regain ownership. You also set the price to sell it for to the end client. All you have to do is buy, set the price, and sell. You get paid the SAME day. From there we do the hosting for you.

Each server costs 10 cents to buy and there’s no Minimum buy requirement.

If you don’t sell all of your inventory or decide to stop, there is a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! No questions asked.

NOTE: Every server costs 10 cents, but you can sell up to 6GB using a multiplier on your sale price per GB. (Example: Set your price to $1.50 for 1GB will translate to $3 for 2GB, etc.)

Who is this great for?

  • Staff – To make some extra money.
  • Advertisers – To make more money than Google pays.
  • Consumers – So they can get involved in the business.
  • Clients – So they can have another source of income instead of only donations.

Need help or want to learn more? Join us on Discord!


BONUS! Enteron.World will allow you to buy servers on Enteron Credit. This will allow you to get free servers to sell without having to pay today. Enteron will deduct the 10 cents after each sale automatically. You get up to 6 servers, which will allow you to pick from 1-6GB, your choice (just for signing up!) The more you sell, the more Enteron Credit you can take out! Best of all, it’s RISK FREE!

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