Power-Net is a powerful way for small businesses to buy advertising. It’s designed to help small businesses owners start their businesses with the Internet as a front page, rather than starting with a blank slate. It also helps by reducing your Broadband costs.

Where is Power-Net available? Everywhere you see a blue-marker. Future service areas will automatically be able to accept Power-Net.

Power-Net is ultimately an exchange system. Allowing you to exchange days of advertising to your Internet cost per month, which is locked in for an entire year. For example, the more days you buy, the cheaper your Internet will be per month.

Below is the Power-Net Tracking Monitor. It tracks every single transaction happening in the service areas. This monitor also shows you the trends in your area.

For example (this is just a mark-up by the way, this aren’t official prices), look at Poughkeepsie, New York. At a cost of $613 for ads, as a one time payment, your Internet cost per month would go from $44 per month, to $25 per month. That’s for an entire year. The ads you get from the $613 is 120 days worth. That’s good for most social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, etc. It’s cheaper to go through us than buying directly from social media sites.┬áThe internet cost per month is a locked-in price guarantee to the year. You aren’t in a contract either so you’re not obligated to keep paying if you go out of business or you don’t think it’s working out for you.

There’s also another benefit to this. We wanted to make it fun and valuable to small businesses. When you start buying more ads, you can get rewards like temporary Amazon Prime. Those rewards depend on what kinds of business you run. These rewards at no extra cost to you.


We created this list to show we have something for everyone. Pick whichever one matches your style of business and which one you think will contribute more value to your business.

Quick and Go: Buy Advertising and Internet separately. Advertising is served the same way as Power-Net, except there’s 7 days worth of advertising.

Safe and Bundled: Take the market value cost and then pay the monthly price listed and get the amount of ad days. Rewards aren’t included.

Custom and Personalized: You control the market value costs, you will also be the first one to get the Internet price and the ad days. This opens up opportunity to get rewards such as Amazon Prime.

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