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BackAttack Internet Bandwidth Services does a lot of work with making bandwidth more valuable at various regions and areas, such as Groves, Texas, Lumberton, Texas, Amarillo, Texas. Because we’re Internet, we don’t have to stop at Texas. We’ve also expanded to various areas in Washington state, from the west to Poughkeepsie, New York in the east.

These services are designed for small businesses and residential customers. The services that we offer gives the ability to make bandwidth more powerful. We’re always willing to go beyond what we have today.

Here’s a list:

  • Broadband Access
    We work across the nation to make bandwidth more usable. What we mean by that is, you don’t have to worry about Netflix or video games anymore hogging all the resources. We know everyone in our system already has access to that with little to no interruptions. We can say that with confidence because we work with the best national Internet Providers. All of ours, currently, offer 60Mbps-100Mbps. We are also willing to work with the little guys as well, these small ISP’s that can’t compete with the big guys. Internet doesn’t discriminate. We work hard on eliminating that boundary by extending to new territories and ideas.
  • Advertising
    One of the biggest things we want to do is advertise businesses, organizations, and even individuals with their own causes when they use our services. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. We’re expanding to more online but we are also very strict with SEO. That pretty much means that we make our website (including this post), search engine friendly. If you Google “Amarillo, Texas BackAttack” You will see our name at the very top. Or the close second (depends how you type it). I think we’re competing with locals in the area who, coincidentally, have a similar name as we do. Wherever we go, you follow our influence. Wherever you go, we go as well. It’s a win-win. That’s what makes us different. We want to get actively involved with building new things. We really push on the terms of value because it’s very hard to find good value in advertising. Value is all subjective as well , but if you’ve advertised online before. You may be familiar with the poor results starting out. As the CEO, it is my absolute top priority that value comes first. Integrity and Respect is included in that as well. Everything we have on this site and our efforts must be able to reach the highest bar.
  • Online Services
    We are working on technology and projects that push the limits of bandwidth. We are experimenting with video, images, and different forms of content that people can use securely. We’re more than just web browsers. We’re even more than Netflix, Youtube, and Facebook. The Internet has no boundaries. It’s A to B and everything in between.

    We’re creating content that works more efficiently than a web browser ever could. Using different programming languages and making things work where bandwidth is not at all an issue. This technology will work on the slowest of Internet speeds. That’s our vision and we’re going to create it. We’ve done this for several years now and soon we’re going to show the world what we’ve done.

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